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Alan Roddy, President, Appalachian Trail Club of Florida:

Dennis tells us a quirky but endearing and ultimately inspiring tale, about not only the daily challenges that the Appalachian Trail throws down for hikers, but also the unexpected challenges of a life-threatening heart condition, and how he overcame both with the same persistence and positive outlook.  Along the way we find out just what to do when a bear visits us in the shower.  “

Grace Tyner, Mountain Marching Moma’s:

End-to-end Appalachian Trail hiker  and radio amateur, K1YPP, Dennis Blanchard, a real ham, never had to use that SOS signal in spite of daunting medical problems.  But he did contact many radio operators using his homemade radio fragrantly stored in a mint tin.    No cell phones for this electronics engineer who was often mistaken for Santa Claus minus the little round belly – he was always hungry!   
This was no “walk in the woods.”   
Dennis tells of his many encounters with wild life on his 2,175 mile hike – even with exciting “bare” facts. 

What a page turner, especially if you are a hiker, but entertaining and educational for all.  Just makes you want to put on those boots to experience again the hike of a lifetime.

Three Hundred Zeroes

Book Signings and Public Presentations

17 March, 2010: 6:30 PM, Book signing at Appalachian Trail Club of Florida meeting. Sarasota, Florida. Public welcome.

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Three Hundred Zeroes

Sarasota, FL  34276



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